Proper nutrition is one of the most essential components in obtaining and maintaining good health. Unfortunately, nutrition is misunderstood and all too often abused. The evidence is clear, currently nearly 70% of the adult population fit into the overweight/obese category and in children, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), nearly 14% ages 2-5, over 18% in 6-11 year olds and over 20% in 12-19 year olds have obesity (not just being overweight). Why is that? When the vast majority of these people don’t want that unwanted weight. They will engage in more dietary programs. They are more exposed to more books on diet and nutrition. When there are more no calorie, non-fat foods on our supermarket shelves.

The problem isn’t lack of effort or even commitment but rather a lack of understanding. Dr. Joel Berger, MS, DC, DABCN realizes that nutrition is a major key in restoring and maintaining health. As part of his practice he utilizes a number of methods including blood labs, the patient’s dietary food in-take and the use of the Heart Sound Recorder to determine what changes are needed. It’s not more complicated than that.